May 23, 2021

Elsie's Cake Smash


This weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Elsie in her home, here in Bolton. She turns 2 in June, so her mummy and daddy wanted to get some special photos to keep forever.

Elsie is a little cutie, and was definitely as elegant as a princess. She carefully used her spoon to get little bits of icing, and was very delicate as she would eat it. We was expecting her to go absolutely mad, for cake to be everywhere.

Of course, things are never perfect when working with children (which I love!). Elsie decided she was bored of her cake breakfast. We still had some time left, so her mummy reached for a back up - BUBBLES! This made for some extra special images, and Elsie loved the bubble part being incorporated. This is an idea I intend to steal for future shoots!

Here are some images from this lovely shoot!