May 21, 2021

My First Blog


My First Ever Blog!

So this is new territory! My first ever blog... it will probably ramble on, be boring, but who knows - it could be the best thing you ever read.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Laura, I am a mother, a partner and hopefully soon to be the UKs number 1 family photographer (hey, a girl can dream can't she). I live in Bolton, it is in Greater Manchester, though some will argue we are still Lancashire. I have a 1 year old little boy, his name is James and we live in Tonge Fold, with his daddy.

Photography has been a bit of a passion of mine, since my first ever point and shoot that I was bought 15 years ago. I would take pictures of me and my friends (thinking we were cool), and then would begin taking pictures of things around me. I wish someone had told me when I was in school, that anyone could become a photographer. I was a teen growing up on a council estate, I thought that was a dream for someone else, but just not me. So I may be a little late to the professional party, but I made it nonetheless. I mainly focus on family photography - family is very important to me, and even more so now I have started my own. You know how people can role their eyes at those who constantly take pictures of their kids, I am now one of them. And it is just the best. These moments pass us by in the blink of an eye, we will never ever get them back. So I want all the memories I can to look back on. To remind me of those little hands and feet, that time James sat up unsupported, that time he took his first few steps, and definitely the first time I watched him smash a cake and eat it (I wanted to see what a cake smash was like, but the backdrop was borrowed and un-ironed - not my best work! I now work with paper backdrops, it is THE BEST!).

It is a year ago since I just went for it, and invested in some equipment. If nothing else, then at least I had a bloody good camera to take pictures of my own family. Like many others, covid soon put a stop to me getting the ball rolling with clients. Did it knock my confidence? Oh yes! Did it make me think about sticking to a stable job? Yes. Did the thought of that make me feel good? No. So I waited and got to grips with my new equipment, and built a portfolio. I am now getting bookings. And even more exciting - I have a space to call my studio within another business.

The premises is a local dance studio. It is based on a busy street, has parking and a kitchen (we all know how important a brew and biscuit is!). It may not be somewhere I own, but it is somewhere that will allow me to be more creative. And photography is art after all. I am so excited for what will come of this, and what I will be able to offer now I have a studio set up. Outdoor photography is lovely and I enjoy the truly candid aspect of that - what I do not enjoy is the Great British Weather!

I will end this here... before I bore you. That is if there is even anyone reading this far down, ha! Maybe we will have a chat about a booking, or maybe actually meet each other one day for a session.