Hi, I am Laura Woodcock.

I am a photographer from the Bolton, United Kingdom. I have always had a passion for photography, especially capturing special moments!

As a mother, I am definitely one of those people who are constantly taking pictures of their little one - but why not, we only get this short time with them. Children are so quick to change, each moment is special. I understand that, and that is why I make each shoot about YOU!

I have been trained under Jade Davies Photography - who is a trained nurse! I can assure you that all safety measures will be taken to ensure your baby is safe throughout the whole of our session!

I cover 4 key times in the first year of your babies life...

  • Newborn - capture those little toes, fingers, the button nose. Ideal for babies between 5-14 days.
  • The sitting stage - this is a biggie, this is when your little one starts to become more independent, from here they will find they can move (enjoy the peace!). Generally around 6-7 month is when this one is reached.
  • First Birthday - this is the fun one! By now, your little one will be full of personality! So bring a cake, we can sing happy birthday and then let them smash, smash, smash! If you want the images for their actual birthday, we are best booking in around 11 month.

To find out more about the packages, follow this link here!

mummy and son photograph

Mummy & Son Selfie

1st Floor Thrive Building, 47-49 market street, Bolton, BL4 7NS

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